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tv   American History TV  CSPAN  October 25, 2014 11:52am-12:01pm EDT

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where people really did debate these things very, very fervently. >> kevin kim, thank you for being on american history tv. >> thank you. thanks so much. >> with the 2014 midterm election just over a week ago, campaign debate coverage continues. monday, the illinois senate debate with senator dick durbin. that is followed with live coverage of the massachusetts governors debate between charlie baker and martha coakley. then another :00 p.m., the georgia senate debate between david purdue, michelle nunn, and amanda swafford. at 10:00 p.m., the minnesota debate with senator al franken and mike mcfadden. then the hawaii governors debate. tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m. eastern, live coverage of the south carolina senate debate between three candidates,
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senator tim scott, joyce ,ickerson, and jill bossi followed by the debate with senator cory booker and jeff bell. then live coverage of the louisiana to date with mary landrieu, bill cassidy, and rob maness. then the main centers debate with susan collins. and at 10:00, john cordon and david alameel. c-span -- more than 100 debates for the control of congress. >> each week, american history america" brings you archival films that tell the story of america. >> one of the most precious privileges in the world today is the right to vote, to choose the man who will head the most powerful nation in the world
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during the last four years. the candidates have been named. the choice is yours. in the 1960 presidential election, more than one-third of eligible voters did not go to the poll. only about 100,000 votes of 69 million made the difference between victory and defeat. no one can say his vote does not count. one vote could change the course of history. the supporters that turned out to hear senator goldwater are sometimes as large as this mammoth rally, sometimes smaller, but always they are fervently for him all the way. he brings them, he says, a clear choice to make in november, not tailor hisr does he remarks to the known views of prejudices of reasonable -- regional groups. he often takes unpopular stance to prove he is consistent with the acceptance speech in separate cisco. his followers except -- san
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francisco. his followers accept his refusal to compromise. since labor day, senator goldwater has traveled tens of thousands of miles to discuss the issue of the campaign the problem of civil rights, he says, cannot be solved by legislation, the rather in the hearts of american people. small,cates the use of tactical nuclear weapons at the discretion of nato commanders, and he charges the democrats of being soft on communism. >> these are words to you that mps an aggressor, try to make friends with him, and eventually, you have to go to war with him, unless you're willing to hand over your freedom without a fight, and i do not think americans are. i speak as you speak, for peace, not war. when i say that america must take a firm line with communist leaders until their evil systems sees to threaten -- ceased to threaten the world, the freedom
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of man, and the peace of the world. arether goldwater charges bases and south vietnam, too much presidential power and the decline of morality. they work in a campaign noticeable by family. reaching into health is peggy goldwater -- to help is peggy won't cash goldwater. she makes public opinion -- chipping in to help is peggy goldwater. she makes public appearances where she thinks it will help the cause. lists among his qualifications, many years of business and military expense, and 12 years in the senate. he thinks his knowledge of flying and electronics would help, and that finally, a republican would be better than a democrat for president. ♪
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but mr. goldwater himself has admitted he is the underdog against a formidable opponent in president johnson, however the president, in turn, respect the intense campaign dragged on by the senator. mr. johnson carries his case to the people, ignoring pleas from his staff and the secret service, trying to shake every hand that reaches for his. to many, of course, he is a president first, and a candidate second, but his speeches draw resounding cheers. as with the goldwater's, the johnson family is busy on the campaign trail. the two daughters, lucy and linda find fertile politicking at barbecues, while their mother has the lady bird special for a tour of the south while democratic defection threatens. seems assured of all of the labor votes, the most powerful single segment of the electorate.
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day in and day out he hammers at what he calls goldwater's nuclear irresponsibility. his often repeated theme is unity and continuity with a democratic president, of course. >> a united country, a unified submerging pay difference in common purpose will find no limit to its achievement. we have the knowledge. we have the resources. we have the tools. courage andis the the faith and the vision, and you know in your heart that i am telling you the truth. crocs as the election group near, came the changes -- >> as the election grew near, came the leadership, and
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mr. johnson said on a political career 27 years ago that led to the white house. now the day approaches that he may have dreamed about in texas long ago, to be elected to the office that had been thrust upon him when tragedy struck in dallas. when the polls open november 3, it will be you who will decide which man will carry on for the nation. america"n watch "reel every weekend on c-span3's american history tv and you can view our archive. browse the topics. campaignt of c-span's 2014 coverage. follow us on twitter and the like us on facebook to get debate schedules, video clips, debate previews.
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over 100 bringing you senate, house, and governor debate. you can share your reactions to what the candidates are saying. the battle for control of congress. stay in touch and engage by following us on twitter @c-span and liking us on facebook at >> coming up next a conversation about his biography "john quincy adams -- american visionary." that johnn argues quincy adams was one of the most intellectual commanders in chief and also the best secretary of american history. the new york historical society hosted this hour-long event. >> we are just going to talk amongst ourselves for a while. it's great to be here. one detail that you want to correct. >> yes. my career has been very diverse,


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